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Marcin Tyrcz

Attorney at Law and Partners

A Law Firm with
a major potential.

Corporate Client

The Law Firm of Marcin Tyrcz specializes in providing a comprehensive legal support to firms and companies.

Individual Client

Our Firm’s work with individual clients involves mainly handling individual cases.

We’re here to protect your interest.

EFFECTIVENESS is what makes us stand out among market players.

The Law Firm of esq. Marcin Tyrcz is a robustly operating law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to natural and legal persons. Respect and integrity vis-a-vis our Client guarantee their satisfaction and a feeling of a service well performed.

We set and deliver our targets easily

We are a gelled, well performing team

We perform well even under stress

In our work, reliability is of a key importance

Corporate Client

As part of our legal services, our Law Firm provides legal support from the earliest days of a business. Our Law Firm helps incorporate companies, start a business, and in any and all acts in law connected with running a company.

As part of ongoing legal services for business activities, the Law Firm provides legal advice in the field of civil law, commercial law, contracts and labor law, represents the client in court disputes, supports in ongoing negotiations, prepares and reviews contracts and internal documents.

As part of services for business entities, the Law Firm offers both permanent cooperation within the framework of comprehensive legal services and assistance in individual cases ordered by the client.

Individual Client

Cooperation of our Law Firm with individual clients involves, in most cases, handling a specific, one-off legal case that individual clients would come across most often in their every day life.

Support by our Law Firm consists in consulting, but also drafting a documentation, memoranda, and handling negotiations between the parties. For individual clients, our Law Firm handles cases at pre-litigation and/or pre-trial, litigation and/or trial, and enforcement stage.

Our Law Firm provides support to individual clients on issues of civil law, law of succession, labor law, social insurance, and administrative law.

What do we do?

Our Law Firm specializes in providing legal support to business entities, in particular in the area of: construction law, support of investment processes, transport law, incl. the CMR Convention, company transformations, civil law, and broadly defined commercial law. We also provide consulting on issues involving interests of housing communities and NGOs (foundations and associations).


A comprehensive support to business entities
  • we draft and provide a feedback on commercial contracts involving the Client’s business;
  • we draft legal information and memoranda on the application of the provisions of law, and amendments thereto;
  • we collect debt from the Client’s debtors, we enforce claims in litigation (electronic writ-of-payment proceedings, writ-of-payment proceedings, payment order proceedings respectively);
  • we represent our Clients in litigation before common courts, government administration authorities and self-government administration authorities;
  • we monitor amendments to the law involving business objectives of the Client concerned, and we keep the Client informed of such amendments;
  • we take part, as a proxy, in negotiations by and between our Client and their contracting partners, incl. involving contracts and agreements binding upon the Parties, or help resolve a dispute by mutual agreement;
  • we provide legal support to business ventures pursued by the Client.

Transport, Forwarding and Logistics (TFL)
  • we draft and provide a feedback on resolutions (of the Management Board / Shareholders), complaint handling procedures, and debt collection procedures;
  • we draft transport, forwarding and logistics contract forms, and terms of service;
  • we provide legal support in a transport service complaint process;
    representation in litigation involving transport;
  • representation in litigation involving transport;
  • we provide legal support to a TFL market player on a daily basis.
Construction Law
  • we provide consulting and draft JV agreements, construction works, geological works, design works agreements; we handle project services and sub-contracting;
  • we provide legal support in performing FIDIC-based contracts;
    we draft agreements with a site manager, construction site inspectors, project management companies, engineers and construction coordinators;
  • we draft geological, land surveying and mapping agreements
    and design work agreements;
  • to represent our Clients in negotiations involving the construction process;
  • legal representation in litigation, incl.
  • in disputes with contractors and subcontractors.
Companies Law
  • we draft and negotiate the Articles of Association of commercial law companies;
  • we draft documentation required to register a company with the National Court Register;
  • and we represent our Client before the registry court;
  • we provide a comprehensive corporate support at management board meetings, supervisory board meetings, shareholders meetings, and general meetings;
  • we handle company liquidation and bankruptcy process.
Housing Communities
  • we provide legal support to Management Boards of Housing Communities, incl. we draft documents and resolutions, memoranda, and we provide legal advice;
  • we provide feedback on and draft contracts and agreements;
  • we represent Housing Communities before courts;
  • we handle enforcement in litigation of utility fees and shared property maintenance costs.
labor Law and Social Insurance Law
  • we provide consultations involving provisions of employment contracts and manager contracts, we draft employment contracts, NDAs, non-competition agreements;
  • we help terminate employment contracts; we handle lay-off procedures;
  • we provide a feedback and develop and implement work regulations, remuneration rules, regulations on awarding bonuses, Corporate Employee Benefit Schemes, OHS and other regulations;
  • we represent the Employer/Employee in employment disputes;
  • we handle cases involving payment of a disability pension, rehabilitation allowance, maternity allowance, we help enforce claims for indemnity;
  • we provide consulting in the area of Social Insurance Law;
  • we provide legal support in case of a liquidation, bankruptcy, division, merger of an employer.
Foundations and Associations
  • we provide consulting and legal analyses involving establishing and operating a foundation / association;
  • we draft statutory documents and documentation required
    in the process of incorporation and operation of a foundation and/or association;
  • we register foundations and associations;
  • we prepare and hold annual meetings;
  • we take part in management board meetings, and meetings of other authorities;
  • we provide a comprehensive legal support to foundations and associations.
Penal Law
  • we provide legal assistance to suspects and people remanded in custody in pre-trial proceedings;
  • we help draft a criminal report;
  • we provide assistance, as a defense lawyer, in pre-trial and court proceedings;
  • we represent the victim in criminal proceedings;
  • we draft indictments in private prosecution cases;
  • we represent a civil law claimant – to enforce in criminal proceedings pecuniary claims arising out of a criminal offence;
  • we prepare motions for a deferment of a sentence, a parole, a suspended sentence.

Who do we work for?

Our Law Firm represents Clients in litigation and a trial, before administration authorities and administrative courts, in arbitration and mediation, in enforcement proceedings, and also before any other institutions, offices and authorities.

Also, our Law Firm provides support to NGOs involved in professional insertion of the disabled.

To ensure top quality services, our Law Firm works with trusted attorneys and counselors, sworn translators and interpreters, notaries and court executive officers. With this, we are able to provide top quality services all over Poland.

Our Special Offer
for new clients, both individual and corporate ones.

Attorney at Law Marcin Tyrcz

A graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Warsaw (2003). He has a major experience in legal representation in litigation before common courts in commercial, civil law, incl. labor law cases, and in cases of penal commercial law.

He deals with issues related to court proceedings, debt collection, preparation and review of contracts in the field of civil, commercial and economic law and registration of business entities. He provides legal assistance to companies from the transport industry (TSL), importers of vegetables and fruit, geology, construction and suppliers of services and technical equipment for the construction industry.

He cooperates with non-governmental organizations dealing with professional activation of disabled people.

Do not hesitate. Make sure you are legally protected now.


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